Meet the crewd

ANdy Cooper



Andy Cooper is our modern antihero. She is privileged, simple minded, ignorant, weird, and hungry. Andy hails from a wealthy and socially well known family, endowing her with endless resources to waste her days and her potential.  Though she rarely knows what day of the week it is, Andy is aware something is missing from her life. After the loss of her beloved best friend Dick Nichols, Andy finds herself stuck on a journey of hard hitting realities and self actualization. Will Andy find her way out of Wonderland or will the pressures of growing older and the insatiable hunger for chicken nuggets drive her mad?

Daniel:Teddy Headshot.jpg

Teddy Moore



Teddy Moore is Andy’s oldest friend and harbors a very open crush on her that often gets him into trouble. Humble, sheepish, supportive, and promiscuous, Teddy appears to be the boy next door. However, Teddy is more unbridled than meets the eye. Teddy finds himself chasing after Andy as he did when they were kids, but ends up in the same place, with his tail between his legs. Fighting hard to please those around him, Teddy yearns to be the knight in shining khaki, but can't seem to shake the jester hat. Will Teddy get the girl of his dreams or will his dream become a nightmare?

Roxy Cotin



Roxy Cotin is the sexy brainiac of the crew. She is romantic, aggressive, edgy, and educated. Roxy seems to stick very close to Erica, but don't expect Erica to explain why. She craves security and has the capability to fulfill her desires as they come. She believes in human decency and has the closest thing to a moral compass in this group. Roxy appears to be the most 'normal' of the gang, though normal seems to be an idea of the past. She is sex on a stick with more brain power than everyone combined. Will Roxy be able to live out loud or will her heart's desire silence her?





Shady is the trench coat wearing crook of the gang. Often lurking in alleyways and makeshift offices, he offers black market items when the crew is in need. You can find Shady appearing in different guises as a way to get by. Shady can be found lurking around 711 corners and open houses so he can lure new clients to his suitcase of goodies. Does Shady have a real name or is he working for Carmen Sandiago?

Chance:Dick Headshot.jpg

dick nichols



Dick Nichols was Andy's partner in crime and is now the holy spirit of the group. Dick is crude, infectious, boisterous, and authentic. Though he isn’t liked by many, he chooses to be an open book ensuring life is best lived this way. The climax of his relationship with Andy comes to a screeching halt as he is hit by car on their final night together. The death of Dick Nichols ignites a domino effect of self discovery for his 'friends'. If you have a secret, Dick probably knows it as he was usually in the 'right' place at the right time. Will Dick Nichols come back to resolve things with Andy or is he to remain the ghost of crappy present?

Emily:Erica Headshot.png

erica roberts



Erica Roberts is Andy's roommate. She is snarky, aloof, cocky, and judgmental. Erica often does her own thing, preferring not to be associated with the happenings of other people’s lives. She is saturated with a dry wit and ‘no fucks given’ attitude. Erica hides her secret where she hides her clothes.  Fearful of what the world might think of her and cautious to never let the crew see her down, Erica's secret forces the question of what truly matters to her. Will Erica see the light or will she continue to stay hidden in the dark closet? 

Ruth Chris Bater 



Ruth Bater is Andy's neighbor. Ruth is gawky, awkward, lanky, and wheezy. Ruth desperately wants to be apart of the band of antiheroes. Her popping up in random places and breathing over everyone's shoulder doesn't help her much. Ruth is a self claimed nymphomaniac. When she isn't peering through your window or hiding out in fridges, she's casually fantasizing about locking you to a bed post and having her way with you.  Will Ruth ever be offered an official letterman's jacket or will she steal one to sniff in the privacy of her room?

Marjorie owens



Marjorie Owens is Andy's assistant. Marjorie likes control. Marjorie is attractive, shallow, transparent, and mischievous. Andy pays Marjorie to do her bitch work, because she can. Many fail to recognize that Marjorie is usually running the show. She strives for recognition, praise, and attention, though she rarely receives it. She resentfully plays her part in the Andy-Teddy-Marjorie love triangle, but hopes to win over Teddy for the long haul. She doesn’t like to lose, though she loses often. Why is Marjorie always snooping and how far will she go to get what she thinks she deserves?

carl stephen.jpg

Carl Thomas

Carl Thomas is the lovable yet impressionable drug dealer of the gang. He is gregarious, thoughtful, and harmless, and often spaced out. Though his whereabouts aren't usually known, Carl has a way of making everything a good time. Carl promotes the benefits of safe drug use and is usually the one to provide the party favors for his friends. Don't be fooled though, once Carl starts telling you one of his countless tales from the crypt, it's hard to shut him up. Will Carl find his place amongst the sober folk around him or will his haze of pot smoke cloud his ability to see beyond the tragedy?

Randall Christ



Randall Christ is Andy’s therapist. His last name is often mispronounced as [Chri-st], but it is pronounced [Chry-st]. Randall is a trendy, articulate, eloquent gentleman serving his days as a therapist. Randall provides a safe place for Andy to discuss what is really happening to her. He is accepting and understanding, though he is often the one to point out the absurdity of the situations Andy finds herself in. There is a ’christ’ like sense to him, as he appears when Andy is in trouble and usually offers perspective to aid her. Can Randall turns Andy's wine into water and save her from eternal damnation aka herself?